I was born in italy in 1981. My musical journey started when i was about 4 and i began learning classical piano. I continued studying classical piano until I was 20-21 but in the meantime I fell in love with the guitar at about 17. And that’s why I went to the Music Academy 2000 in Bologna to learn electric guitar with Italy’s top musicians such as Giacomo Castellano, Roberto Priori, Max Magagni and Alessandro Altarocca just to name a few.

I also got an MA in Musicology, history, Philosophy and Psychology of music from Bologna University.

So here I am now with my classical piano background, a higher diploma on modern music and electric guitar and an MA in Musicology, I now live in London and I play keyboards with a few artists and bands primarily on the blues/folk/funk/soul scene even if I sometimes gig with some rock artists too.

My first two albums are available on iTunes, Amazon, Nokia Store etc, the first one is  called CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF and it’s and all improv piano solo album that I published about 2 years ago, it’s really intense, sometimes dark, sometimes cheesy, sometimes dissonant but I think it reflects how I felt back then and also how a conversation with ourselves should be…happiness, sorrow, laughs and cry all rolled into one..

The second album is with the full band, there’s a bit of funk and jazz and it’s called Through My Hands. It’s available online in all the major store but also as a CD (remember those discs with a cover?) drop me a line if you want one..

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