My musical journey started when I was about 4 and I began learning classical piano. I continued studying classical piano until I was 20-21, however, during adolescence I inevitably fell in love with the electric guitar and more modern music styles! At the dawn of the millennia I joined the “Music Academy 2000” in Bologna where I gained a Higher Diploma in electric guitar and modern music with some of Italy’s best musicians including Giacomo Castellano, Roberto Priori, Max Magagni and Alessandro Altarocca.

In the meantime I completed my Master Degree in Musicology at Bologna University with an essay titled “The Perception of Tonal and Atonal Structures in the Psychological Literature of the 20th Century”

So here I am now with my classical piano background, a higher diploma in electric guitar and an MA in Musicology. I live in London and I play keyboards with a few artists and bands primarily on the blues/folk/funk/soul scene, I sometimes gig with some rock artists too (not enough) and I can be found on the odd wedding/party stage.

My first two albums are available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and more.

The first one is called CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF and it’s a collection of improvised piano solo tracks I published in 2011. It can get really intense, dark, has some cheesy moments, it can be dissonant at times but I think it reflects how I felt at that point in my life. It’s the closest thing to the journal I’ve never kept.

The second album has a lot richer instrumentation and arrangement with a lot of guests too!!!

It’s called Through My Hands. It’s available online in all the major stores but also as a CD (remember those discs with a cover?) drop me a line if you want one.

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