Welcome to my website. In here you’ll find info about me as well as pictures, my biography, discography and the media browser where you will find music, videos and further links to other resources.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Just bought your new album and is now uploaded to my iPhone to listen to at my leisure…drifting, dreaming, shifting, floating, healing, falling into a deep and restful trance..where all transformations take place, thaaaaaat’s right…just allowing our self to dream, relax, gain incredible focus connecting powerfully with our deepest intentions…


  2. WOW! Really like the album I’m listening to it a lot, delicate, moving, inspiring, connecting, releasing, freeing…i’m listening to your album right now I’m on track ‘1102_2011 Part One’ beautiful track, I’m listening with my Bose noise reduction head phones in a noisy Pret et Mange Cafe in Waterloo Station…whilst filling out an application form for a role with KCLSU (Kings College London Students Union) i love all of the piano solos in particularl the places where there is no music, each gap gives time to reflect and process albeit that we’re talking about fractions of a second…that time still offers time to ‘engage’ with the music! Im not a professional musician however i think your music is genius!


      • thats the way i like to work with my hypnosis and relaxation ‘scripts’ and recordings, whether self hypnosis or for others, improvise pick what’s needed in that moment…using the language of the heart rather than the language of the brain! The language of the brain is reflected in words and words are man made, the heart on the other hand, the language of the heart is feelings and this is reflected, well, in feelings….

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